Lianne Sullivan-Crowley将从人力资源副总裁的职位上退休

Jan. 10, 2022, noon

Lianne Sullivan-Crowley, who has worked at Princeton since 2005, 会在本学年结束时辞去人力资源副总裁的职务吗. 在大学退休前,她将继续在一个特别项目工作一年.  

Lianne Sullivan-Crowley

Lianne Sullivan-Crowley

During her more than 15 years leading the Office of Human Resources, 沙利文-克劳利培养了一种工作环境,使员工能够在尽可能高的水平上为OPE体育官网的教学和研究使命做出贡献. 

“莉安·沙利文-克劳利让OPE体育官网变得更好,”校长克里斯托弗·L·克劳利(Christopher L. Eisgruber said. “Throughout her time at this University, 她让我们所有人都关注OPE体育官网员工的价值和福祉. She has modernized our human resources office, 建立了一支优秀的团队,并在许多关键决策中担任战略合作伙伴. 我很感激她所取得的成就,也感谢她在我们共同工作的15年里所表现出的杰出的同事精神."

Human Resources oversees the recruitment, retention and development of a highly skilled, diverse and vibrant group of staff members. The office provides services to the University community in the areas of benefits and compensation; child and elder care; diversity and inclusion; employee and labor relations; human resources information systems; learning and development; staff service recognition; talent acquisition; and work life. 

During Sullivan-Crowley’s tenure, HR expanded its diversity, 公平和包容的努力,招聘和保留来自不同背景和领域的员工, 并建立了新的项目,在员工之间建立社区和同盟关系,比如员工资源小组(Employee Resource Groups). HR also has expanded a number of other staff programs and resources, including professional development and learning opportunities; staff and service recognition programs; health benefits and physical and mental wellness resources; retirement and financial resources; and work-life balance and workplace flexibility policies. 

Executive Vice President Treby Williams, to whom Sullivan-Crowley reports, 在沙利文-克劳利担任副总统期间, 她改变了人力资源组织,她的影响可以在校园的每个部门感受到.   

“Under Lianne’s leadership, HR has enhanced staff recruitment, employee relations and benefit functions, provided robust professional development programs, and created more sophisticated data analysis tools for managers,” Williams said. “These achievements have supported the recruitment, 保持和专业发展更多元化的劳动力队伍,并促进包容的环境,所有人都可以茁壮成长,并为大学的使命作出有意义的贡献.”


“从2008年的金融危机到最近几年的全球大流行,Lianne完成了雄心勃勃的目标,并与同事合作度过了动荡时期,我受到了她以人为本的方法的启发,” Williams said. “她的工作和决策一直围绕着我们的员工——这是大学最大的资产.”


“人力资源工作可能很复杂——我的目标一直是在人力资源中强调人力, and I hope that our work over the years has been true to that goal,” she said. “在完成我们的教学和研究使命方面,OPE体育官网社区的每一个成员都扮演着重要的角色. Staff have opportunities to make a meaningful impact on campus, realize their own personal goals, grow professionally, 他们的工作得到认可,并享受在OPE体育官网这样的地方工作的独特体验.”


“I am most proud of the team of folks that work in HR — they are kind, caring and talented — each and every one of them. I am especially grateful for Jeanhee Keyek; we have worked together so many years she can not only finish my sentences — she can start them! She is the backbone of our office,” Sullivan-Crowley said. “I also want to thank my family, Julie, Annie and Elizabeth, for their love and support when the work took over family time.”

In addition to leading the Office of Human Resources, Sullivan-Crowley serves on a number of strategic University committees, including The President’s Cabinet, the Institutional Equity Policy Group, the Housing Committee, the Finance Advisory Council and the Executive Compliance Committee. 

Before Princeton, Sullivan-Crowley在其他高等教育机构的人力资源部门工作了20多年, including Smith College and Harvard University.

A graduate of the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, she holds a law degree from Suffolk University Law School. She began her career at the Sheraton Corp. in Boston. 


Princeton University has approximately 7,拥有300名员工(员工和教师)的福利,是新泽西州中部最大的私人雇主之一.