学生, 教师 和工作人员 who are eligible must receive a vaccine booster by 1月. 31. Face coverings are required in buildings occupied by the University. 所有的室内聚会和食物, 还有那些不能戴口罩的地方, 已经推迟或取消到一月了吗. 31. Please visit the Princeton COVID 资源 p年龄 for more information.

马丁·路德·金. 在OPE体育,1960

马丁·路德·金. 假期

周一,简. 17, is a University 假期 in observation of 马丁·路德·金. 一天. Opportunities for community service include a food drive for the NJ Rise Food Pantry, 是晨祷的一部分, history and art-making Monday at the 艺术 Council of Princeton, 在大学的支持下, the Department of African American Studies and the 人文学科 Council.

照片:马丁·路德·金. 在OPE体育,1960)


# VentureForward

The Venture Forward campaign promotes alumni eng年龄ment and service, in the spirt of the University’s informal motto: “In the nation’s service and the service of humanity.”

A sapling with bright yellow leaves in front of a Lewis Center for the 艺术 building




Our approach to learning combines the best aspects of a great research university and an outstanding liberal arts college.

Michael Moore stands next to his portrait painted by Mario Moore


Every employee has the opportunity to make an impact supporting our mission of teaching and research.